George Rogers Training Update

by TheBox

Call that a holiday?!

Although I've been on holiday, I have still been training and working hard  to stay as fit and well as I can. If you haven't seen the holiday training video on Facebook or on YouTube, it's very awesome and you should watch it. Here is a link to the Facebook page: 

Long distance pushes & pushing too hard

Since I've been back, I've been training extremely hard at all the aspects of Head2Home and also at my swimming, as the new season all kicks off in September. Part of the training that I've been doing is a lot of long distance pushes. In my most recent long distance push, my Uncle Dean and I were meant to be going all the way from Hengitsbury Head to Sandbanks Hotel (8 miles) but we only got to the 5 mile mark. The reason for this being that we had a little hiccup with my racing chair. While pushing along the seafront I kept hearing frequent clunks from my right wheel and as I looked down at the wheel I saw that the entire pushing rim had come off! Obviously my Uncle Dean and I stopped and we spent about 30 minutes trying to fit the rim back onto the wheel. But it wasn't to be. We had to admit defeat and go home after just 5 miles. Thankfully the problem is fixable and I should be ready to roll again soon.

Looking good

Also on my Facebook page you can see lovely photos and videos of me sporting some very cool new bits of kit. Land and Wave, my sponsors, has very kindly  given me some very cool kit to train in and to wear on the big day! I would like them to know that I am very grateful and I've been wearing it at every opportunity!
George with Kit

I would like to thank everyone following my journey now, as I don’t think I have been doing it enough. Without everyone behind me, this challenge would be nothing. 
Sponsor me If you haven't sponsored me yet, then you find a sponsorship form here George.

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