Incident Information - Sunday 26th May 2019

Incident Information - Sunday 26th May 2019

Coasteering Incident Information Sunday 26th of May 2019

We are extremely saddened to confirm that on Sunday 26 May at 15.30, a man who was part of a coasteering* group at Hedbury Quarry developed breathing difficulties and fell unconscious while in the water shortly after beginning the activity. Despite being quickly rescued from the sea by our instructor and given emergency first aid on the shore, very sadly he could not be resuscitated. No one else was injured during the incident and the rest of the group were transported back home safely later that day. We have made a specialist counsellor available to provide support to everyone involved. 

All our thoughts are with his family and friends at this impossibly difficult time.

We would like to thank the Swanage Lifeboat crew, the Outdoor Instructors from other companies and the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance for their swift and professional support, as well as Dorset Police for their diligence and care for all those involved.  These people do a fantastic job on a daily basis and their support on Sunday was invaluable.   

We understand that the police have completed their initial investigation and we have also reviewed the incident to identify anything that could have been done that might have led to a different outcome. The safety and well being of customers has always been our primary concern and we are confident that our staff did everything they could in an incredibly difficult situation, rescuing the casualty and performing CPR until the emergency services arrived while keeping the rest of the group together in a safe place in the water where they would remain warm in their wetsuits and buoyancy aids.

The fact that it was not possible to save him will remain with us all for a very long time. At present we are unaware what triggered his breathing difficulties to the extent that he could not be revived, no doubt this will be confirmed in due course by the authorities.  


Land & Wave Ltd has been operating coasteering activities in Dorset since 2010 and delivers outdoor activities accredited by the Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) for groups and individuals. 

*Coasteering involves the traverse of a rocky coastline, exploring caves and jumping in to water led by qualified, experienced instructors with all participants wearing wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids.  

by Owen Senior

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