Land & Wave Instructor Training: The Coaches

by Graham Milton

Land & Wave Instructor Training - The People Our 14-week Accelerated Instructor Training course is unique in many ways, we absolutely love it! What makes our training course stand out? One of the most important factors is the number of excellent professionals (and all round good eggs) that help us with training, coaching and assessment. We don't just rely on 2 or 3 people to try and teach everything; we know that to build skills quickly and effectively candidates need to be taught by specialist, knowledgeable, passionate instructors and coaches - some of the best in the business in fact. ???????????????????????????????????? Being taught by 15+ specialists over 14 weeks of training means you have 15 personalities to learn from, 15 different coaching styles to develop your learning, 15 experienced professionals to work with and 15 people to ask questions of. Land & Wave Instructor Training can be brilliant because of amazing locations, great qualifications and awesome equipment but what makes it really stand out is the number and the quality of excellent staff  that work with us to make sure our courses are the best we can possibly deliver. dsc_9391 As a trainee on a Land & Wave course you benefit from a huge variety of teaching styles and techniques which will significantly accelerate your professional development. It also means that candidates can 'cherry pick' the best techniques and styles from each instructor, our candidates develop their own coaching styles quickly because they get to experience such a variety of quality instruction and mentoring. Introducing the staff that will be coaching, training and assessing our candidates throughout Accelerated Instructor Training 2016... In no particular order Paul Taylor - Activities Manager Climbs like a spider. Has spent more time on the Jurassic Coast than the dinosaurs. Challenge him to a Paddle Board race (we dare you!) Specialities: Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Coasteering Paul Taylor Matt Roberts - Lead Instructor  Man of the mountains, boundless enthusiasm, years of wisdom, occasionally has incredible hair. Specialities: Mountains, Climbing, Sea Kayaking Matt Roberts Sophie Tanner - 'The Management'  Loves the ocean and jumping in the sea, a wise old sage of Land & Wave with decades of experience working with groups. Specialities: Bushcraft, Coasteering, Headbands Sophie Tanner Bushcraft Jack Campion - Lead Instructor  The Good - Phosphorescent eye brows and an epic ginger beard, ask him to do the fire triangle rave, an absolute wizard at entertaining groups. Specialities:  Kayaking, Coasteering, Group Management Jack Campion Owen Senior - 'The Management' Wrote the book on bushcraft (literally), incredible ginger beard, impervious to waves and cold (is quite fat). Specialities:  Bushcraft, Coasteering, Canoeing Owen Senior Sam Locke - BTEC Teacher, Lead Instructor, Accelerated Instructor Course Graduate (2013/14) Will teach anything to anyone if  she has 10 minutes and a sharpie. Can run a marathon fuelled solely on melon and carrot sticks. Specialities: Teaching, BTEC, The Ocean Sam Locke Graham Milton - Lead Instructor Once lived in London, loves a kayak, occasionally experiments with restrained facial hair, calm and considered. Specialities: Kayaking, Rivers, Blue Steel, MagnumGraham Milton Ray Goodwin - Canoe Specialist  Wrote the book on canoeing (literally), thoroughly nice chap, decades of experience and knowledge. Specialities: Canoeing, Canoeing, Canoeing Ray Goodwin Sophie Eaton - Advanced Apprentice Land & Waves youngest full time member of staff, already has three years of work and training under her belt; has a bad attitude - really grumpy most of the time. Specialities: Learning, Infectious Enthusiasm, The 'Thousand Yard Stare' Sophie Eaton Will Moy - Climbing Specialist  Climbs like a fish and swims like a monkey The only person we know that can surf but not stand on a paddle board. Specialities: Climbing, Mountains, Dashing Good Looks Will Moy Sam Waites - Kayak Specialist We've known Sam for years, he's an excellent human being and a kayaking wizard. Loves being in a boat, especially on a river. Specialities: Kayaking, Kayaking, Kayaking Sam WaiteDavid Mutton - 'The Management' Paddle Boarding guru, master of risk assessment, BTEC teacher extraordinaire. Land & Wave longest serving member of staff. Specialities: Paddle Boarding, Teaching, StubbleDave Mutton Paul Smith - White Water Specialist  Experienced and approachable, a great coach who inspires confidence. Great to learn from, brilliant to spend a day on (or in) the river with. Specialities: Kayaking, Climbing, White Water Paul Smith Darren Joy - Coaching Specialist  A full time BCU Level 5 Coach with a loads of river experience under his boat, a Canoe England national trainer for safety and rescue and leadership awards. Specialities: Kayaking, Coaching, DevelopmentDarrren Joy Jamie Corry - Bushcraft Specialist A mild mannered man of the woods, Jamie's been helping us with British Bushcraft Association assessments for ages. Large, bearded and slightly Scottish. Specialities: Bushcraft, Deer, Kilts We're always looking for more brilliant instructors, coaches and assessors to help us develop our training courses... Land & Wave help people have incredible adventures in Dorset, the UK and Europe. Every winter we run an intensive instructor training course that we’re really proud of. Visit our website: Find us on Facebook: Get out there and find your adventure…

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