Land & Wave People - Matt Roberts - Lead Instructor

by Owen Senior

Land & Wave People - Matt Roberts  An Adventure is always better when you have brilliant people to share it with. Land & Wave people are wonderful human beings, our little company wouldn't be half as much fun without them. Every single person that works for Land & Wave helps to shape what we do and how we do it. Matt Roberts - Lead Instructor  Matt is a full time Lead Instructor, he spends loads of time out in the landscape helping people have Epic Experiences, he manages a staff team, coordinates residentials and solves problems. Matt lives in Poole, plays rugby, loves a sandwich, drives a fiesta and has MASSIVE thighs. Matt has been working for Land & Wave for three and a half years. Matt Roberts the Facts and Figures Special skill: Eating lots of food quickly and with minimal waste, Matt has won 3 national eating competitions (really - Google it) Hair: 6/10 Matt knows what he likes and is afraid of change Arts and Crafts: 5/10 Matt can crotchet but his drawing isn't great Favourite food: Sandwiches Favourite place to be: The Mountains Looks great in: A check shirt Matt Roberts at Land & Wave Matt is a full time Lead Instructor; he helps Land & Wave maintain really high standards by managing our team of instructors. Matt helps us keep our equipment in good order, he has a little cupboard in stores which he sometimes naps in. Matt rips more pairs of shorts than any other member of staff; his thighs are gargantuan, lunges are a problem. Matt's got loads of experience and qualifications, at the moment he's working towards his Mountain Instructor Award and is spending loads of time on the river in his kayak
What Matt says Favourite thing about working for Land & Wave: The diversity of work Favourite thing: My Casio Why I never change my hair style: If it's not broke don't fix it. What on earth will I be doing in 5 years: Having adventures Love Land & Wave People!

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