Land & Wave sponsors George Rogers

by TheBox Adventure

Land & Wave sponsors George Rogers

Land & Wave sponsors George Rogers

Supporting amazing people in our community

Land & Wave makes a commitment every year to sponsor gifted people in our community. George Rogers is a local schoolboy with a huge talent. We're backing him so he can fulfil his swimming dreams and get the golds he deserves.


Meet George and find out about his latest fundraising event that we're backing...

A note from George

"Hi everyone, my name's George Rogers, I'm 14 years-old and I love to swim! I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy meaning my brain doesn’t send quite the right messages to co-ordinate my movement. I'm in a wheelchair for most of the time but thanks to a very successful operation last year I can now walk for short distances. 


Despite my disability, I love swimming and am doing quite well in it, even if I do say so myself! I've been to several National Championships and am part of the England Cerebral Palsy Swimming Squad. 

Training costs

"As you can image this sport isn’t cheap. Travel costs, accommodation and an entry fees mount up quickly and can get pretty hefty over a year. This is why Land and Wave have decided to sponsor me.     

Meeting Land & Wave

Last September, I went on a school trip to Swanage with Land & Wave and had a fantastic time. Despite my disability, I was took part in all the activities and really enjoyed the kayaking. I couldn’t have been happier when they agreed to sponsor me for my swimming. 


"When I had my big surgery, I couldn’t wait to get back in the water and told Mum I wanted to do a big fundraising event to help with the growing costs of my swimming. My family have helped with fundraisers before but I wanted to do something myself and I wanted it to be HUGE. Mum suggested trying to get myself from Hengistbury Head to home but it seemed daunting and we weren’t sure if it would be possible.


What became of this wonderful idea? Well, after discussing it with the team at Land and Wave, who think it’s a great idea, we've decided to make the challenge a reality. 


My 'Head 2 Home' challenge

Part 1: Push myself in my racing chair from Hengistbury Head along to Sandbanks 


Part 2: Swap into a kayak for the last of the 9 mile section


Part 3: Stop for lunch at Jazzy’s Café on Shore Road to refuel and do some vital stretches


Part 4: Use my walking frame from Shore Road all the way up to the top of Evening Hill 


Part 5: Handcycle the remainder of the way home in Upton 



I am training very hard for this and will be writing every couple of weeks to let you know how I'm getting on. Tomorrow is my first kayaking training session with the Land & Wave guys. I’m hugely excited so… wish me luck!"
George.   Visit George's fundraising page