Life Begins on the Other Side of the Screen

Life Begins on the Other Side of the Screen

Are you worried about Generation Zombie? 6 minute read...

Kids today have never had it so good. With instant access to the World Wide Web in the palm of their hand, accessing information is as limitless as their imagination. Or is it?

Look, smart phones are amazing things, but we’re really worried that we, as a nation, are potentially raising a generation of zombies, addicted to phones or games consoles and lacking in any ‘real world’ experiences to help shape their lives. As a species, we are not designed to be cooped up in a box for hours on end, staring at a screen!

Despite this limitless resource, the screen however, can only get your kids so far. The real world is right there, ready to be embraced, savoured and explored.

Here at Land & Wave we’re great believers in the benefits of learning through play. We really love the outdoors and we truly understand why unplugging and getting out there, be it into the sea, or out into the woods, is so good for both the body and soul.

Bushcraft. Thumbs up

Studies have shown that being outside is not only good for your physical well-being, but also for positive mental health and social development. In 2016 the Natural Connections Demonstration project published evidence on the positive effect of outdoor learning. 92% of teachers surveyed from 125 schools said their pupils were more engaged with learning and 85% saw a positive impact on their behaviour. [1] See, told you.

So what are we doing to prevent ‘Generation Zombie’? Well here at Land & Wave we work with thousands of children every year, delivering amazing experiences, encouraging them to try new things, learn new skills and have epic adventures along the way.

This Half Term, Land & Wave are running two Bushcraft Kids Club days on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 October. This is some quality Ofsted-approved childcare right here, and is perfect for parents looking to broaden their kid’s horizons.

Each day costs only £39 per child, but if you book for both days, its only £68, a discount of £10. Spaces are limited and you can book here. We even accept childcare vouchers. How good is that?

This is the last opportunity this year for your kids to join us and get outside and learn new skills, make new friends and discover the wonders of the world on the other side of their screen.

Bushcraft. Pumpkin hide

When they join us, they’ll join our fully trained instructors and learn all about life outdoors including learning awesome archery skills, how to become an expert firelighter, a campfire cooking extraordinaire, how to prepare game and fish in a fun as well as some surprise Halloween activities, all in a unique and safe environment.

The screens will still be there when they get back, but they won’t care as they’ll be too busy telling you about all their amazing adventures.

More Information about our Kids Holiday clubs and how to book can be found here.


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