Live in Dorset? 16+? Get a job in the Outdoor Adventure Industry.

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Live in Dorset? 16+? Get a job in the Outdoor Adventure Industry.

There is a shortage of staff within the Outdoor Adventure Industry in Dorset

It’s a superb time to start a career in the Outdoor Adventure Industry. There are NOT enough qualified staff so training and development opportunities are better than they have ever been.

The Outdoor Adventure sector in the UK is expected to grow significantly. Government expects  the sector to need 17,000 NEW staff by 2019.

Work in the Outdoor Adventure Industry is one of the few employment opportunities in rural, coastal areas that offers year round employment, professional development and both career and salary progression, especially for young people.Paddle boarding on HenHow much can I get paid?

A first year instructor will normally receive a salary of £15500 + free training + perks

A second year instructor, normally a Team Leader or Lead Instructor, will receive a salary of £16000 - £17500 + free training + perks

A full time lead instructor (normally with at least two years experience) will receive a salary of £20000 - £24000 + free training + perks

An activities manager (normally with at least 3 years experience) will receive a salary of £25000 - £43000

The median salary in the sector is £27008 Sam Thompson

How easy is it to get a job? Can I work all year round?

There is a shortage of Outdoor Staff in Dorset. The government predicts that the sector will need thousands more staff over the next 3 years.

It’s common for people to work ‘seasonally’ for their first year or two in the industry e.g. Summer on the beach in Swanage, Winter skiing in the Alps.

After a year or two, some people choose to switch to a full-time, permanent position; often to continue their professional development.


Where can it take me?

Some people choose to travel the world while working in the industry - Qualifications in outdoor education and adventure sports are brilliant for those that wish to travel and work.

Some people choose the outdoor industry as a route into Higher Education, Teaching or Public Service. There are few jobs that offer such superb opportunities for teaching and leadership experience.

A long term career in the Outdoor Adventure Industry is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to work within an enormously positive environment, for anyone that wants to make the great outdoors their office and for anyone that loves being active and staying healthy.

Berno VierbergenHow do I start a career in the Outdoor Adventure?

If you’re 16 - 18 consider a FREE two-year BTEC Level 3  In Outdoor Adventure, equivalent to 3 A levels. You can study this course in Swanage, Poole or Bournemouth with Land & Wave…

If you’re 18+ consider a 4 month Accelerated Instructor Course. You can complete this course in Swanage or Poole with Land & Wave and you’re guaranteed a job straight after the course. A Career Development Loan (Like a student loan for professional people) is available to cover 100% of the cost of the course.

If you’re 18+ consider working as a trainee instructor for 2 - 3 years to get experience and a few qualifications that will help you along the way.

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Decide you want a job in the best industry in the world - get qualified - get an amazing job - meet incredible people - work in beautiful places every day - develop, progress - become an Outdoor Adventure Jedi…

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