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With winter in full force it’s time to clean your boots. Suzie shows us why she loves the new Footwear Cleaning Gel from Nikwax.

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With winter in full force, it is time to clean your boots.

Rain is dampening our favourite walking trails and our boots are starting to get muddy.

Nobody is a fan of cleaning their boots after a long walk but Nikwax have created a super easy to use Footwear Cleaning Gel to help you out.

We thought we’d put this product to the test.

So we sent out Suzie, one of our Instructors, to get her boots super muddy and see how the Footwear Cleaning Gel did at cleaning her boots.

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As you can see, Suzie did a pretty good job at getting her boots covered in mud.

Before staring to scrub, Suzie gave her boots a rinse to get rid of any excess mud.

Then, using the built in brush, the scrubbing began...

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With the moisture from the pre-rinse, the brush makes a great foam that cleans away the mud.

Along with cleaning away any dirt and other contaminants from the surface of the boot, the Footwear Cleaning Gel revitalises the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. This will cause the water to bead on the outer surface of the boots once more.

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And voila, after a good scrub and a final rinse off, Suzie's boots are good as new and ready for action.

Here's what Suzie had to say about her experience using the Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel.

"The best part about the cleaning gel is that it's quick and easy to use. The bottle has its own brush so you can just rinse your shoes off and apply the gel straight away, taking just a few minutes to complete after a muddy walk. It's great to know that my boats are protected by not only being clean but by ensuring that they will continue to be waterproof too. Very important for walking in the winter!"

With a wide range of re-proofing products, make sure you check out Nikwax’s website here.

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by Jonny Berry

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