Testing the Osprey Talon 26 Rucksack

Osprey Talon 26 2021 | Product Review | First Look

This is our first look review of the 2021 Osprey Talon 26 Rucksack. Filled with loads of awesome features, is this your new rucksack?

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We've recently been given the chance to test out a few of the latest Osprey rucksacks. 

This Review is on the Talon 26 which is streamlined and versatile top loading rucksack primarily aimed at day walkers and bike packing.

Jason, who's one of our lead instructors and an absolute beast when it comes to road cycling has been testing out the latest Osprey Talon 26 rucksack.

So here is Jason's thoughts on the the Talon 26 rucksack.


I was drawn to this rucksack primarily for the colour and the visibility it would give me when cycling but also to try out a top loading sack as I’ve always had a traditional top pocket/flap. 

I also wanted to see if it was possible to get all my climbing kit in for a day out at the crag. 

I tend to run hot when I’m out so the comfort and functionality of the back system was key for me.



Some of the key features of this rucksack are:

  • the wide zip opening at the top of the sack which creates easy access for putting in large items such as a climbing helmet.
  • Attachment  places to stores walking poles for those long days in the mountains.
  • The injection moulded back panel was great for comfort when on a long bike ride
  • Side pockets in the waist belt made for easy access to snacks on the go without the need to take off the pack
  • A number of different sized of pockets made it easier to store smaller items such as keys, small wallet or coins.



I love how compact and comfortable the Talon 26 is.

Being both adjustable and comfortable is a big bonus for me.

I chop and change between activities and having something that has a good range of adjustment is key for me.

The compact design of the Talon 26 is great. s it is super streamlined but also big enough that you don’t have to have things hanging off the outside of the bag.

It also packs flat for easy storage or packing in larger bags for travelling, which is a big bonus.


External Features

The front sleeve on the outside of the rucksack looks designed for a helmet but I found my climbing helmet didn’t really sit very well in this pocket.

Maybe a mesh system may have been better?

However, I actually ended up using it for putting my waterproofs in for easy access when out on the hill. 

Whilst I love the colour for visibility, it does get dirty very easily when out on climbing days or riding my bike.


Final Thoughts

On the whole this is a great rucksack. 

It is at the top end of the price bracket for this type/size of rucksack but the quality and comfort of the build make it a good buy.

I found it really easy to use and adjust and it was very comfortable to wear on day walks.

I love bright colours so the colour and visibility of this rucksack are my favourite features.

If you think the Osprey Talon 26 Rucksack is for you, you get find out more here.

Check out our video review on the Osprey Talon 26 Rucksack below

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by Jonny Berry

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