Team Building | Land & Wave style

Team Building | Land & Wave style

Cement bonds | Increase productivity | Renew motivation and focus 7 minute read...

Your team is underperforming. Its fractious and minor squabbles are ruining productivity. So what can you do? What you need is a team building experience. Done right, it will bring the team together as they work to solve problems, it will cement bonds between colleagues and team members, making a stronger more cohesive unit, increasing productivity, renewing motivation and focus.

But what should you choose?

You’ve done the staff party; oh god the staff party! You’ve done the conference thing. A business dinner is old hat. A quiz night? Really? It’s not 1987! So where does that leave you? What you need is the ultimate Team Building experience; one that will set the bar for all future events.  What you need is Land & Wave: Adventure for Business!

Bushcraft. Stag 1

With Land & Wave you’ll be praised by everybody for arranging the best team building event in company history. There will be so much cake heading your way; you won’t know what to do with all.

Land & Wave provide bespoke Adventure for Business days that take place in beautiful Dorset. They combine an exciting range of watersports, including Coasteering, Sea Kayaking and hands-on Bushcraft skills, making the most of all the best Dorset has to offer.

Our Adventure for Business packages help teams improve their communications, expose those natural leaders, energise teams, improve relationships and are, above all, fun.

Land & Wave run these days all year round, with every season delivering unique challenges for your teams to overcome. No two days or experiences are ever the same and you don’t even have to be local. We have great relationships with accommodation providers in Swanage, so you can bring your team to us, comfortable in the knowledge that everything will be top notch.

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We can guarantee that there will be no psychometric testing here. No beige conference rooms with awful coffee and definitely no rolling of the eyes when you raise the topic. Land & Wave offers real value and real experiences, in real locations that will never be forgotten.

It's not all about a struggling team though. You could be looking to celebrate your successes as well. Our Adventure for Business packages are completely bespoke and flexible. Do you want to come and spend a few days, an afternoon or even a whole week with us? That’s not a problem as we’ll provide all the equipment you’ll need to ensure you get the maximum benefit and achieve all your goals.

The only difficult choice you really have is what you want to do. Give us a call on 01939 423 031 and let’s get this ball rolling.

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