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Van Conversions: Before and Afters

Having a campervan is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Check out these van transformations to get your creative juices flowing.

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Having a campervan is every outdoor enthusiast's dream.

Whether it's a day van or a mini house on wheels, a converted van is a game changer when it comes to adventuring.

From mountains to beaches, a van can take you anywhere.

Being able to step out your van and straight into the great outdoors is the perfect scenario.

As a van owner myself, I can tell you first hand that it's the best investment I’ve made into my outdoor lifestyle.

The freedom it gives you is unparalleled.

Being able to park up overnight near the base of the mountain you plan to climb the next day is the dream.

However, it does come at a cost.

Van conversions aren’t cheap and if you're doing it yourself, they can take some time to create.

But remember, it's an investment into the outdoor lifestyle.

Any van owner will tell you it’s a game changer.

So to get your creative juices flowing, here are 3 before and afters of van conversions.

1. @jurassicvans

Jurassic vans 3

Our friends over at Jurassic Vans have created some incredible vans.

The best part is, you can hire these bad boys out.

These mini houses on wheels are guaranteed to make your adventures 100% more epic.

"A Van gives you the freedom to drop everything and go away for 1 night, 3 nights or two weeks and be outside and able to appreciate the beautiful area we live in. For me when you're out in the van it's like everything is just that little bit better. Time with friends is better, that bacon sarnie/beer/coffee just tastes that little bit better, like someone's turned the dial up a bit" - Nic, Head Dino at Jurassic Vans

Spike, their flagship van, has some awesome features to make your adventures as memorable as possible:

  • HD projector for when you're done adventuring for the day and want to get cosy and binge Tiger King
  • Their trademark 'Stargazer bed' so you can sleep under the stars
  • Eberspächer heater - keeping you toasty in the winter
  • 150w solar panel so you can truly go off grid exploring

Jurassic Vans are always expanding their van fleet, with their new van Meg (short for Megalodon) currently under conversion, soon you'll be able to get away with the whole crew!

With the ability to sleep up to 6 adults and its very own Fossil Museum (yep, you read that right, there are fossils on board), taking Meg out for a spin will guarantee an awesome adventure.

To check out Meg's conversation head over to Jurassic Vans Instagram to follow the journey.

2. @Colin_the_Campervan

Jacks van 3

Owned by former Land & Wave legend Jack Campion, Colin is the ultimate adventure wagon.

With its very own roof deck, you are guaranteed the best seat in the house for any sunset.

Jack spends most of the year living in his van. He is currently parked up in Norway, spending the winter ski touring in the Norwegian Mountains.

Fitted with a diesel heater and an extra warm duvet, Jack has survived some pretty chilly nights in his van in comfort. 

-23°C is his current record!

Make sure to check out Jack's adventures on Instagram @thejackcampion

3. @theonelifevan

Sophie van 3

Owned by the athlete and adventurer Sophie Radcliffe 'theonelifevan' is a pretty sweet ride.

Created with the multi adventurer in mind, this van has plenty of storage to squeeze everything in as well as all the important creature comforts.

With an outdoor shower to clean up after activities and an awesome porthole to spy the weather from, this van has it all.

The interior gives off real surfer beach vibes and the clad ceiling has defiantly given me some upgrade ideas for my van.

Make sure to check out Sophie's adventures on Instagram @challengesophie

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Vanpuravida 20210215 160224

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The.activ 20210215 161151

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City2 vanlife 20210215 162711

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Vanlifewithluci 20210215 162759

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Oskartheexplorer 20210215 162838


by Jonny Berry

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