Winter is coming. Why aren’t you school trip ready?

Winter is coming. Why aren’t you school trip ready?

Going outside…in the Winter…on purpose…. are you mad? 7 minute read...

Going outside…in the Winter…on purpose…. are you mad?


This is the UK; unpredictable weather is half the fun. Besides, we have everything you’ll need to keep you and your pupils warm, comfy and ready for adventure. Think toasty socks, welly boots, warm hats and gloves and everything else you’ll ever need, all set to a backdrop of beautiful low winter sunsets, hot chocolate and camp fires.

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But surely short days mean we're limited on what we can do?


Our winter residential courses (October to April) offer a unique learning backdrop, still filled with ‘real’ adventures in real locations. Each day is unique and perfectly developed, offering rewarding adventures designed to engage, energise and educate. We never let the darkness or colder weather limit how much fun we can have, so why should you?

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Won’t it be weird going to the beach in the winter?


Dorset beaches are the absolute BEST out of season. The tourists have gone home providing wide, empty, sandy beaches for your students to play on. The sea temperature in Swanage reaches it’s peak temperature in September at around 18 degrees and is still a warm 14 degrees in November. The sea is as warm in December as it is in May!

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Isn’t it too soon in the school year?


Why wait to the end of the year to develop your pupils’ resilience and confidence? Imagine the joy of teaching a class of students with these skills under their belts early in the school calendar. We know school residentials have a lasting affect on student’s attainment so you can reap the benefits for the remainder of the school year. It’s a great time to build relationships between students and teachers.

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But it’s going to be expensive?


Land & Wave offer excellent affordable packages, especially between October and April. When you join us, you’ll be looked after by our fully trained, fantastic crew, delivering the very best residential experiences you’ll find. You’ll have full access to one of the best student accommodations in the UK. If you’re within 1.5 hours of Swanage, we’ll even provide transport for your first year of booking.

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But, but… but…..

Nope, Nope, Nope!

Research has shown that winter residentials have a prolonged positive effect on learning, the development of social skills, enriching relationships, enhancing resilience and provide incredibly rewarding learning experiences and opportunities for all involved, teacher and pupil alike.

We’ve been doing this for ten years. We make the organising as easy as possible and our reviews speak for themselves.

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Land & Wave has a host of wonderful Winter school trip options. Our First Aid & Life Saving Residential delivers a wonderful Winter package of curriculum-ticking workshops; Life Support Training, Water Safety, Personal Survival and oodles of outdoor adventure. Find out more HERE

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