Working in the Outdoor Industry: Writing a CV 

by TheBox Challenges

Working in the Outdoor Industry: Writing a CV 

Working in the Outdoor Industry: Writing a CV

Over the last few years Land & Wave has advertised lots of new jobs, from trainee instructors through to operations managers.

We’ve had thousands of CV’s sent to us; a few have been amazing, lots have been OK and some have been just plain awful.

In the hope that we can make things a little easier for applicants and employers alike, we thought we’d pass on our 5 golden rules for CV perfection.

Keep it Short. Keep it Concise.

One side of A4 is perfect.

Two sides of A4 is OK.

More than two sides is bad.

Check your CV. Get someone else to check our CV.

Mistakes on your CV make you like an idiot.

Check the spelling and grammar really carefully, get someone else to check the spelling and grammar.

Keep it simple Don’t be tempted to use lots of formatting.

Stay away from lots of; bullet points, underlining, indentation, tables etc
Do use a single, clean font, use simple bold text for titles. Be Objective. Cut the ‘Fluff’.
Don’t use lots of space describing your self. A long ‘personal statement’ isn’t very useful for a potential employer and could be counter productive.
Do clearly list your qualifications, previous employment and relevant experience. Only include the most relevant supporting information only e.g. specific responsibilities within a previous role.
Supply a CV That Can be Opened and Read Send your CV in formats that can be opened and read by employers, this will usually mean sending a MS Word doc and a PDF. If a potential employer is dealing with lots of applications they probably wont have time to tell you that the files you’ve sent over are corrupt or unopenable and you simply wont get a response from them. An Extra One for Free…
Head over to Facebook (do it now) and set your security settings as high as they’ll possibly go.
It’s very, very likely that anyone doing a good job of recruitment will spend 5 minutes googling a potential candidate; that might lead them to ‘those hilarious photos from Magaluf’ and no-one needs a potential employer seeing THOSE photos!
Set all your social media security settings as high as they’ll go.
Good luck out there.
Land & Wave is based in Swanage, we help people have brilliant adventures, we’re always looking for new people to help us do that…
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