Writers wanted

Writers wanted

Calling all bloggers and outdoor adventure writers 3 minute read...

Here at Land & Wave we’re all about community; getting people out on adventures and sharing epic experiences.

We have a blog where we like to talk about the outdoor industry; the ups, the downs and anything that takes our interest. 

What we really like though, is hearing the views of people within the outdoors community outside of Land & Wave; their experiences, advice and views. 

It’s because of this, we’re looking for some guest bloggers and adventure writers to join in and advance the discussion.

Scenery. Winter 5

Over the next four months, we'll be planning our activities around the following ideas: 

  • Getting out during winter
  • Winter Training  and Outdoor Instructor Training
  • Career development
  • School trips and adventures with kids
  • Disconnect to Reconnect - putting the phone down/step away from the screen
  • Getting ready for the next season

Scenery. Orange sea

We'll want you to support your story with your own royalty free photos (please don't just lift them off Google- that's very naughty)

If we publish your story and images, we'll pay you between £50 - £100 and make sure you get full credit for your work. It will be shared across all our platforms, maximising your exposure.

If you have any questions, drop Matt a line on matt.m@landandwave.co.uk or give us a call on 01929 423 031

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